Complete Composition Course for Grades 7-12

IMG_0819Writing Skills for Grades 7-12

Summary: We will use the Christian-based workbook titled “The Exciting World of Creative Writing,” written by Ruth E. McDaniel to learn the basics of writing and grammar. Students will also gain the foundations of proper grammar. Each student is responsible for creating a narrative, creative essay and short research report during the course. Get writing done and outta the way!

Info: Wednesdays running from October through March

Time: 6-8 p.m. (18 sessions)

Fee: $175 (Sibling and other discounts available)

For registration information, contact:

Heather Berry
Bramble Farm Cottage School

2014 Summer Workshop Series: Writing Skills for Grades 4-6

Writing Skills for Grades 4-6

Summary: We will use portions of the “Writing Strands” by the National Writing Institute and “Voyages in English” by Loyola Press to learn the basics of book report writing. Students will read an appropriate book according to grade level and ability. Last year, for example, we used Call It Courage and Island of the Blue Dolphins, to name a few. Everyone finishes, at least, one novel and one book report. Get summer reading/writing done and outta the way!

Info: Mondays, beginning June 23.

Time: 2- 4 p.m. (6 sessions)

Fee: $75 (Sibling and other discounts available). $25 deposit required by May 23.

Contact Heather at

Bramble Farm is located in Medina County about 10 minutes west of Public Square.

What is Homeschool Coaching?

What is Homeschool Coaching?

Homeschool Coaching at Bramble Farm Cottage School means you, the parent, have an ally in teaching a certain subject or subjects.

I commit 10 hours each month to ensure your student is staying on task and getting the work done.

As a tutor, I frequently run into parents who are frustrated, usually with one or two subjects, where their child is running amuck. Said student is ignoring assignments or “looking busy” instead of actually getting the work done. By December, parents are frustrated and stressed. By May, parents are pulling their hair out and ready to throw in the towel on the material.

Often, you’ve paid a lot of money for these homeschool programs. You want your children to get the work done and feel a sense of accomplishment and learn how to self-regulate their time. These are vital skills in today’s world.

Let me help. Together, we will get it done.

Try Bramble’s Homeschool Coaching program for two weeks no charge, no commitment. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s fine. You’ve lost nothing.

If it works, however, you’ve gotten some work done and you’re student will have improved self-esteem and self-discipline.

Please free to email, text or call with any questions!

Heather Berry


Bramble Farm Cottage School

Free Writing Assessment for Homeschoolers

Either  write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
Benjamin  Franklin

I am a published writer and have more than 20 years of experience in the publishing world. My work has been featured in local and national publications.

Currently, I’m offering a free writing assessment for teens and tweens. I will spend one hour of time with your student and come up with an assessment of his/her writing skills. After our hour together, I will create a plan for you and your homeschooler. The plan will include suggested areas for improvement and recommended homeschool writing/grammar books available. I also offer several writing workshops and one-on-one tutoring, but Bramble’s programs aren’t a requirement for the one hour assessment.

I would love to help. I know writing is a tough subject for many parents to teach alone.



Bramble Farm Cottage School

(330) 421-1256

Free Trial on Homeschool Coaching: Online or In Person

IMG_1172If you’re already struggling to keep your children on task with lessons, let us help. Don’t let the unfinished lessons pile up and stress you out.

Try Bramble Farm’s Homeschool Coaching program for two weeks, for free, and see what we can do. No pressure or commitment to continue if it doesn’t work for you. Email Heather at for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Let us hold your kids accountable. What if you could count on someone else to keep your kids on track so your kids complete their homeschool schoolwork between September and May?

How this works:

We meet and create a plan. We look at the total number of lessons and I come up with a plan based on you child’s ability. The plan will set a goal for a certain number of lessons each week that will lead to the course completion (to your satisfaction) by June 1, 2014.

I clearly establish the goals and the schedule in writing with your child. We talk about what things work as rewards and consequences.

I check in with your child weekly via email, text and/or phone. If your child is struggling with a lesson, we work through it together. If the lesson or lessons are a real problem, we schedule time to meet to cover the material together.

I meet with your child and we check in. If your child has fallen behind on our schedule, we meet (with Mom and Dad if necessary) and come up with a strategy to catch up before it gets too overwhelming. We work together to create consequences and follow through until your child is caught up.

Just think, at Christmas you won’t have that sinking feeling of how behind you are! In May, you and your child will feel a sense of accomplishment and get a REAL break over summer!!! :)

Email or call Heather for more information: or (330) 421-1256.

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Bramble Farm is located at 7817 Stone Rd. Medina, OH 44256, ten minutes west of Medina Public Square.